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I'm brand new to mobile home parts

Do you need a part but maybe don't even know what it is? Many small projects can be completed on your own, order online for supplies sent straight to your door. But you don't want to go down the wrong path, that's why it's great to have the expertise of these guys that have been fixing manufactured housing for decades.

As I learn I'll write it here on the website, hopefully that benefits you too. If the questions get too complicated, you'd better refer to the right hand column. Basically I'll look at every product and ask:

What is it?
What does it do?
How is it made?
Who makes it?

Now off to the warehouse!

I've been in mobile home parts for 26 years

How to describe my experience? Well what do you want to know. I suppose I've worked on just about every type of mobile home there is. Been ordering parts since this store opened, before that and sometimes in-between doing repairs in parks all over town.

If I'm not at work I'm probably out turkey hunting. I use the internet to buy two things, quail eggs and overalls. My wife does it really, she knows which ones I like.

If you have any questions about mobile home parts, just ask. If I know, I'll tell you.

( He probably knows. Quite regularly people walk into the store just making signs with their hands, and still he finds them the part they were looking for. )

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