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PEX Fittings

These PEX plastic compression fittings by Flair It are ideal for do-it-yourself plumbing. With no special installation tools required, cutting and installing your tubing is a breeze. Once securely fastened, these fittings are guaranteed to stop leaks and accidents from taking place. Whether you're looking for a valve fitting, a cap, or just a standard PEX fitting, we have what you're looking for.

PEX Installation and Repair Tools

Our installation tools and repair kits are designed for maximum convenience and accessibility. Do-it-yourself plumbing has never been easier thanks to our pipe cutters, repair kits, and installation tools. We carry three different pipe cutters, all of which handle a variety of tubing, and are guaranteed to accommodate all of your plumbing needs. Our installation tools are also equipped to handle any of your plumbing needs, as are our repair kits.

PEX Manifolds

Manifolds are an essential and cost effective part of do-it-yourself pumbing. These self serving residential water distribution systems come in a variety of sizes, and can accommodate anywhere from 8 ports to 32 ports. Manifolds are essentially a self circulating water system with a hot side and cold side, and connect either to your main water supply or your water heater. The ports are found on the sides of the manifolds, and fit with a wide array of different types of tubing. These ports can come without valves or with valves, and help narrow down your preferences. Along with our selection of manifolds, we also offer up several manifold access panels for your convenience.

PROBite Push On Fittings

Our PROBite Push on Fittings come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. Push on fittings are ideal for home owners who don't have a lot of experience with do it yourself plumbing because of the fact that they don't require any installation tools. Simply cut the tubing of your choice, slide a stiffener (which we also offer) on the inside end of the tube that's being inserted, and then simlpy apply force and slide the tubing into the push on fitting. In order to remove the tubing from the fitting, simply use our disconnect clips, which come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. Push on fittings are compatible with copper tubing, CPVC tubing, and PEX tubing.  

Flair It PRO PEX Fittings

We offer a wide selection of Flair It PRO PEX Fittings. Perfect for professional and do it yourself plumbing installation, these PEX fittings are guaranteed to meet your every need. When installing these fittings, simply cut your piping, slide a ring onto the end of the tubing until the end is flushed, and then use a Flair It PRO Install to insert the tubing w/ ring into your fitting. This system of installation is compatible with any brand of SDR-9 PEX tubing.

All Tubing

Our PEX Tubing comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes. The Sleeved PEX Tubing, for example, is able to withstand harsh conditions and guaranteed to protect fittings and plumbing alike. Available in Red and Blue for 1/2" and 3/4" PEX Pipe in a variety of configurations. We also have our BestPEX Tubing in bulk, which also comes in a variety of styles. BestPEX Tubing can range from 5' to 1000' long, and anywhere in between. Perfect for those home owners looking for options. Last but not least, we have our Radiant Heat PEX Tubing. This tubing is used for radiant heating and snow melting, and is perfect for those cold winter days.