Complete's Goals and Philosophy

Goal – Become the most famous mobile home store in the country.

mobile home store company goalsMillions of mobile home residents receive horrible experiences from other stores in the manufactured housing industry. We are raising the standard of customer service people can expect from mobile home supplies.

Complete Mobile Home Supply is an enjoyable place for staff to work and for customers to shop. Three principles keep us on track to make each other's and our customers' days a little brighter.
  • Team - Foster an atmosphere of togetherness and respect.
  • Friendly - Emanate positive energy. Sometimes customers bring negative emotions with them, but we return positive emotion that they can choose to embrace or ignore. Customers in a happy mood brighten our day, and customers in an unhappy mood give us an opportunity to brighten someone else's day.
  • Get more done - Constantly look for a way to improve the customer experience or the business process. Our employees are empowered to make Complete a better place to work and shop.

Change the manufactured housing industry

These are problems in the industry as a whole. Our store is already better than the Old standard, but we are continually breaking further ground in creating the New standard.

Being rude helps you get your way
Being kind helps you
Product appearance doesn't matter
Quality products belong in quality packages
It's someone else's problem
Help customers and co-workers, no matter the history
I've done enough
I can do more
Who cares
I care

More mantras heard throughout the day at Complete Mobile Home Supply. (We haven't settled on the best one yet.)

Changing the industry through stellar customer service.
Fixing your trailer while fixing the industry with unprecedented levels of customer service.
Improving the level of customer service for residents of mobile homes.
Setting a new standard of service in the mobile home industry.
We can make excuses, or we can find solutions. Let's create something amazing.
We're improving the customer experience for mobile home residents, by offering friendly service and knowledgeable expertise about mobile home parts.
Our mission is to change the standard of customer service residents of mobile homes can expect.

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