Help for residents of mobile homes

Just as many parts are specialized for mobile homes, so are many issues specific to owning a manufactured home or living in a mobile home park.  Here are some organizations you can visit to find answers and assistance with issues you are dealing with now or may face in the future. 

Consumers Union - Publisher of consumer reports with info on warranties, landlord-tenant laws, and how to organize with neighbors.
Federation of Manfactured Home Owners of Florida - member group that fights for home owners' rights across Florida.
Mobile Home Owners Association of Illinois - member group that helps establish local HOAs and represents manufactured home owners at zoning hearings. 
California Mobile Home Owners Resources and Action Association - group with information on laws supporting mobile home owners in California.
Virginia-Organizing - group dedicated to empowering people through organizing.  Link is to an article protecting mobile home residents, showing an example of what can happen when you speak together for change.
CVOEO Mobile Home Project - program for coordinated statewide housing services in Vermont, defending the interests of mobile home residents.
CFED manufactured housing initiative - Group supporting nationwide programs to help families in manufactured homes, including the coordination of a national policy coalition.
Community Improvement Organization - Example of a group that takes volunteers to help distressed residents in South Florida, sometimes including mobile home owners
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