Talking about mobile homes

We're talking about mobile homes.  Here's the latest we have to say:

By my calculations you need 34 full-length panels.   Anything under 28", you can get 5 segments out of each full-length panel.  Anything 35" or less, you can get four.   So as long as you cut some of the shorter segments out of the same pieces that you cut the 38" segments, you can work with 34 total panels.
If you only need the panels, it would be $520 delivered.
For the panels and all 3 types of trim, it would be $869 delivered.
Also you can get the 35" panels, which cost less for shipping, but you need 132 of these segments, so it's actually more expensive this way, $667 delivered.

On an exact quote our actual freight cost to rural Wyoming is $255 - we try to make the website ready for people to check out anytime, so in a case like this where a rural address costs more, you get the benefit of only being charged what the site advertises. So $220. and it shows 6 days of freight transit... meaning when you order, we typically ship the next day, and 6 business days later the freight company will call you to arrange a time to come out to your house. Don't want to promise exactly 7 business days, so I'd say 2 weeks from date of order you should have your skirting.

We're talking about mobile homes at the manufactured housing Tunica show 2011.

At this link there is a 5'6" panel.   We do it shorter than 6', because the total limit with packaging has to be under 6' for UPS. 
So you can enter 6 of those 5'6" panels into your shopping cart, type in your state and zip code, then click Recalculate.  Or just email me your zip code and I'll quote you the price.  Just need to know where it's going...

Can you take a picture of your skirting and email it to us?    There are only a few brands, we should be able to match it. 
If you're looking to match the color, we do have the skirting sample kit, which will let you see the exact color in your hand.

Perhaps you were looking at the UPS cost, which is a feed of their actual charges to your zip code.  Especially for small items like this, the USPS rate is much cheaper.  In your shopping cart, click the drop-down menu to select More Carriers, then USPS, and the rate should be more like $7.

We are here to solve people's problems.  You can buy however many panels you need.
Full-length panels are 12 feet long, which means they ship on a freight truck which is a bit expensive.  When you just need a few, we cut them down to a more manageable size, which allows them to ship UPS.   Check out this link :
Sometimes the shipping costs come out a little weird on these items - you can add what you need to your cart, and if the shipping seems too high (over $35 or so), reply to this email with what you need and we'll make a custom link with actual UPS rates .

Yeah I don't have a 36"x74" listed in the manufacturer's catalog as one they even make.   Once the doors get that wide, they get taller.   
We are in Pearl, Mississippi.  So shipping one door is almost as much as the door itself (like $150 to Suffolk), but if you get 2 or even more doors the freight charge hardly goes up. 
If you think a 36" x 76" would work for you, maybe with some additional framing, we could certainly get that headed your way.  Let me know if we can be of any other assistance

Ok the total cost for the panels is $180. 

Two options for freight.   
1) Sending it in full 12-foot lengths means it must go on a freight truck, and to East Kingston it is $168. 
2)  We could also cut the 20 panels into 40 segments 5' 6" in length, so that it is below the UPS maximum lengths, in which case shipping would be $74. 
Perhaps this is more than you expected for shipping, but it's our cost with the shipping companies, and I hope it doesn't prevent you from getting these panels.   I will make a custom link for whichever option you prefer, or you can order over the phone if you like. 
Yes the panel is 16 inches wide.
Timeframe :  Our order with this manufacturer goes in on Thursdays.  We could possibly still get it on yesterday's order if you order this morning, in which case we'd ship it to you middle of next week... expect arrival April 13th.   If you place the order later this afternoon or early next week, we'd receive it the following week, then you could expect it April 20th. 

Hope this helps, let me know what we can do for you. 

Hi Jerry, K-Rok is a durable ABS plastic that makes a gorgeous look for the base of your home.  The shape of the rocks on the right side of each panel matches up to the left side of the next panels, so you cut along the trim line, then match them up for a consistent rock look all the way around your house.
All you really need is the panels and air vents.  That is the Basic package.  Additional decorative trim and a convenient access door is available in the Total package.   Here are the piece quantities and prices for your 16x80 at 36" height.
40 pieces
8 air vents
$1495 plus freight
40 pieces
8 air vents
2 access doors
4 corner trim pieces
20 bottom track
20 top trim
$2265 plus freight
We're happy to answer any other questions, and can get this headed your way as soon as you're ready.    Also, where are you located?  You can just add the package into the online shopping cart, and it will calculate freight cost after you put in your state and zip code.  Or just let me know and I'll send you the freight cost.

Yes we would work out a bulk price for you.   What are the dimensions and height of each home?  Or if you know the total number of panels and pieces of trim you need, just let us know.   Also please include the address to which we would be delivering.  We will work up our best price for you

That's the trouble with mass production these days, we can't even get the parts, just the assembled unit.  I'd be happy to send you an entire drain, it's $7.99 plus shipping.    By the way it is not actually blue, the blue color is just a thin film to protect the metal from scratching, which you take off when putting the drain in. 

Unfortunately we do not have any dealers up there, but we can ship whatever you need.  If you find the products you would like, simply email us listing them, and also include your address so we can get a shipping quote.   Thanks for your inquiry!

The kits do start at less, but in addition to the freight cost, there is height.  The kits start at 24" height, and require more panels for higher heights.  Check out this link to see how you get fewer pieces per full-length panel, depending on how tall you need your skirting to be.

To do the front and left side, that's your sloped front and your 5' high side, right?   By my calculations that requires 24 panels and 8 of each trim.  $525 delivered.

Then you would need 21 panels and 8 of each trim to complete the job, $500 later on.  With this method you incur the shipping cost twice, spending $125 extra overall.  Yet it does allow you to get the first half looking better now. 

Hope this helps.  If you want to do the whole thing for $899, you can still check out at your custom link.  If you'd like me to make something different, to do the first half at $525 for instance, just let me know and we can do it over the phone or I can create another custom link.

For your 16'x80', here are two links to give you the material you need to skirt your home.
Based on the height from the ground to the base of your home, you want to select the "28 inches" kit in the Options drop-down bar. 
For this one, choose the "16x80" in the drop-down Option menu. 
When you're ready to order, just add the items to your cart, and it will add $150 freight to get it to your home in Virginia. 
You can also read about installing vinyl skirting at this link:
We sure are able to ship to Canada, but we don't have it set up on the shopping cart because we have to figure out shipping rates.   What items are you looking at?   I could determine the total cost, then we could finish the transaction over the phone. 

The way it works now is that each panel is vented.  Instead of solid panels and vented panels, they've come out with panels that are 3/4 solid and 1/4 vented by perforations. 
You can look at them at this link:
If you see a skirting kit there for your mobile home, you can just add it to your cart and checkout.  Or you can look at our skirting calculator:
Hope this helps, we will get some new skirting headed your way as soon as you're ready.  Thanks for shopping at Complete!

$459 delivered for a right-side-hinged combo door.  That's an aluminum in-swinging entry door with diamond window and outswinging-storm door. 
Just like the one in the picture at this link:
That link includes freight, and is good for your location in Conroe too.   We'll look for your order and get it out right away.  Let me know if we can help any other way.   Thanks for shopping at Complete!

Just below the form you filled out on this link, each of the 2 & 3 steps for wood and fiberglass are actually shown, because they can be shipped UPS. 
Just add to your cart, enter your state and zip code and click "Recalculate", then it will give you a live UPS rate. 
It looks like it will be more than the cost of the stairs themselves to ship to your location.  The charges from UPS for Oversize packages are steep, although it's still less than the cost of a freight truck delivering them. 
If you're looking to get all four (wood 2, wood 3, fiberglass 2, and fiberglass 3), the freight rate for that is $370. 
Hope this helps.  Shipping is a little expensive but we can get you the product if you need it.  Let me know if I can answer any further questions,