How to Measure a Mobile Home Door

Measuring a mobile home door the right way is essential to getting the right door. The numbers on the side of a door, and the way doors are referred to in the industry, refer to the size opening in which the door will be installed.  If you have no door in right now, measure from the wood frame of the door jamb across to other edge of the jamb.  That is, measure the openingIf you have an old door in presently so that you cannot see the door jamb, measure from the edge of the door's metal frame to the opposite side frame.

measure trailer door

How to measure doors: Measure frame-to-frame. It's not the door itself, but rather the size of the opening the door will go in. So be sure to measure your door jamb, or the exterior of the metal frame of the outswing door you are replacing.

How Not to Measure a Manufactured Home Door

Don't just measure the door itself. 
measure manufactured home door

Don't measure the flange outside the edge of the frame.  This flange overlaps the wood of your door jamb, and is where you secure the aluminum frame to the door jamb with screws.  So measuring to the edge of the jamb will give you a number larger than what you really need.
measure trailer door

So get a tape measure, see how big of an opening your door jamb makes, then buy a mobile home door to be shipped to you today.