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HandLaid Brick Mobile Home Skirting

Brick skirting gives a solid appearance to the base of a mobile home.  Turn a trailer into a ranch house with this HandLaid faux brick skirting.

handlaid brick panelsEach faux brick panel measures 39" wide by 18" tall, interlocking with other panels to create a continuous brick appearance.  Align side by side and stack vertically to achieve the desired height to work with your mobile home.  Cut with a table saw to align at heights other than the 18" increments of full panels. 

Corner pieces maintain the brick appearance on all sides of the mobile home's base.  Each corner is 18" tall, corresponding with the brick panels, and stack to achieve your desired height.  Top ledges measure 36" wide; the brick height is 4", with another 1" for the mounting tab with openings for screws.  Top ledges are not used in every application, depending on the needs of a particular job - if the top of the brick panel can be slid under the bottom of the mobile home's siding then appearance can be smooth without the ledge covering.   Metal skirting studs are 24" high and extend up to 48".  Just about any vent will work, simply cut an opening in the panels to accommodate the size vent you have, and be sure to check your local building codes to provide adequate ventilation per local regulations. 

corner handlaid brick     brick skirting ledges    skirting stud

brick skirting installatio

faux brick underpinning

Faux brick skirting panels are available in six colors: