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Mobile Home Vinyl Shutters

louver or raised panel vinyl shutters trailerThings to know before purchasing vinyl shutters:
  • 2 Styles
  • 8 Colors
  • 2 Widths
  • Several Heights
  • Sold in pairs

Styles - Louvered or Raised Panel

Louvers are traditional open slats also called the Cathedral style.

Eight Colors of Vinyl Shutters

Each of our shutters come in a variety of colors: White, Green, Cranberry, Tuxedo Gray, Brown, Wedgewood Blue, Clay, and Black
mobile home vinyl shutters

Vinyl Shutter Widths

12" and 14.5" or 14.75"

Vinyl Shutter Heights

Both the Louver and Raised Panel shutters come in 2 widths and a variety of heights as indicated by the tables below.
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Mobile Home Louver Shutters Mobile Home Raised Panel Shutters
Our Price: $69.99
Sale Price: $59.99
Our Price: $69.99
Sale Price: $59.99
Mobile Home Louver Shutters Mobile Home Raised Panel Shutters
Our Mobile Home Louver Shutters come in a variety of sizes and colors, and are sure to please. See which one fits you best! Mobile Home Raised Panel Shutters

Vinyl Shutters for Mobile Homes

Our Mobile Home Shutters are the perfect way to decorate your mobile home. Coming in a variety of different sizes and colors, our vast selection of shutters is sure to please. Simply use the drop down box to view our various combinations of sizes and colors, and then proceed to checkout. Stylish, sleek, and convenient, these shutters are sure to provide both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Installation has also been made easy. Depending on your mobile home, installation can be accomplished with either shutter-lok fasteners, or screws.
Shutter Screws and Fasteners Installation can be accomplished by using either shutter lok fasteners, or screws, both of which are included. Required hardware for installation includes an electric drill with a 1/4" drill bit, a hammer, and the fasteners or screws mentioned earlier. For either method of installation, first place the shutter next to the window and mark the desired location against the wall or window. And then using an electric drill, either drill in screws or holes depending on whether you're using fasteners or screws. For fasteners, once you've made a hole, simply grasp the shutter lok supporting shank and push it through the shutter hole and into the wall surface. For screws, simply drill your screws in tightly and securely.
vinyl shutters mobile hometrailer shutters

A Word about Color for mobile home shutters

Computer screens don't necessarily give a perfectly accurate representation of Color.  We represent the colors as realistically as possible, but want to make sure you're aware the the color you see on your screen may appear slightly different than the color of the actual shutter.  Below is an example : it's a picture of the actual shutter next to the the computer screen image of the same shutter.  Hope it gives you a better idea of the color on your new vinyl shutters, order now and we'll get them shipped to your door asap!

vinyl shutters for trailer house